Saturday, April 9, 2011

The ACM's CMA's or whatever.

  I will preface this with saying that I love country music. That "genre" like all forms of music encompasses many different types of said "country" music.
  Now, most of you know me.  But most of you have known me during different stages in my life.  This post is simply about music.
 About the same time I fell in love with the band KISS, third grade, I also was subject to watching "Hee Haw" on tv.  Can you imagine the confusion?  But I loved the jokes, the skits and the music on HH.  In fact I have a couple of those HH videos!  You just can't get better than Tom Jones, Conway, Loretta and especially Barbra Mandrel! Hello!  My parents also had an extensive record collection that varied alot, but included a lot of country music.  There were alot of "crossover" artists that found their way on to AM radio back then too.  Yes AM radio.
  Those of you who knew me in high school, at least the first couple of years, will fondly..or not so fondly remember me sporting  the much coveted "Beat It" jacket my sister got me for christmas '83.  In all fairness, I did ask for it.  And I still think "Thriller" is one of the best albums ever.  I soon made the transition into "Metal" or "Hair Metal" if you will..and traded in my parachute pants for ripped jeans and a mullet. Aah Indiana.  But country music has always been there, and even if it was "shit kicking" tunes or lovely ballads, I love the sentiment.
  So finally..yeah I the point.
  Of course I DVR'd the ACM's, I thought they were the CMA's but who can keep track. Either way, this was an "awards" show.  I was watching with Courtney, who loves music as much as I do, and immediately started jotting down notes for a blog.  So these may not follow the show exactly, I lost track/interest, but here are some thoughts.
  First of all, Toby Keith.  I love TK, or I did. I was always impressed with his "middle finger"  attitude.  He's had some great albums, great singles and has always embodied the "outlaw" side of country music.  But do I really need to hear another song about him in a bar? Yes the formula works, but c'mon.  That brings us to Steven Tyler..awesome performance..great duet..doing what he does best..and not "ass clowning" himself. But straight "pimpin".  And even though I knew it was inevitable..I was dreading the Sugarland performance..I love "Stay" but that 'Stuck like you" song drives me fuckin nuts!  And there's my lovely me the look..and even though the look was enough.she informs me " Don't make fun of the way she sings!"  You would have to hear  me parody the singer to appreciate the humor in this.  Then came Dierks..really want to make fun of his name..but then what the fuck is a Conway?  53 minutes in to this award show..they gave away an award.  Really?  Zach Brown was awesome with James Taylor.  The Band Perry won an award for what I call "The happiest dead song ever"  I love the melody line and tune, but this was the first time I had ever listened to the lyrics.  And my final comment is this ( for guitarists and vocalists) If the song is not written in you key, RE-TUNE or RE- LEARN!  Stop "capo-ing" every guitar!  A "capo'" is a device used to change the key of a guitar without changing standard tuning.  This country..its' Tommy's World.


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