Monday, March 28, 2011

You Tube famous...

In our country, more so than others, we are raised idolizing the famous. It has been said that they are "our royalty". Regardless of why these people have fame in the first movies,stage, music,writing.  Some of our most "famous" people are criminals. Which leads me to believe that some people don't understand the difference between "imfamous" and "famous".  For example, if your sister is dating a heroin addict you wouldn't invite him to christmas dinner...but if he were a rock star with a drug habit? Let me get to the point.
Disclaimer: I have not heard the song  Friday by Rebecca Black.  My opinion expressed here has nothing to do with the quality of the songwriting or recording. 

So Rebecca posted this song she wrote.  She really had no control over it going so "viral".  She eventually was the subject of a newspaper article about how her song had gained so much attention.  The article most definetly fueled it's popularity.  I did read the article (I do newspapers) and most of the article described how "horrible" the song was.  No such thing as "bad press"! 
So of course, people started to Facebook and Tweet their opinions..the modern day version of "water cooler" talk.  And the majority of posts I've read have been "why is she famous" " this is horrible" and of course the obligatory.."Really?" 
The answer is simple..Take away the "buyer" you take away the "seller".  ( it's a prostitution thing)  We love to see people succeed and we love to see people fail.  You can believe there will be more blogs to come regarding the world of being a musician and how this applies.  You will hear/read people say.."I could write a better song than that"..but could they? What were they doing at age 13?  At that age, Elizabeth Taylor was an accomplished actress.  My point is this..we give the "fame" to the famous..if we weren't forwarding or telling our friends to watch..the video/song would just die out.  We are in affect "rubbernecking" this girl into her 15 minutes!  Good for her..took some guts to put herself out like that..are we rooting for the underdog or relishing in her embarrassment? Either way she has now become a part of the "you tube/Facebook/twitter nation" and through "sin by association" she is now a part of "Tommy's World"


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